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Holiday Home Tour – Terri Milikin

December 24, 2012 // 2:39 pm

For today’s holiday home tour, I invite you inside the home of Terri and Tony Milikin. They live in Richmond, Virginia and together they have three beautiful children, Caroline, Christian and Carlson. Terri has exquisite taste and I am so thrilled to be able to... Read More...

Holiday Home Tour – Amy Clifton

December 23, 2012 // 5:28 pm

Today’s holiday home tour is more like a visit to a Christmas Museum. The holiday decorations in the home of Amy and Steve Clifton rival any New York Macy’s window display or scene in a Norman Rockwell painting. Amy and Steve have so many collections,... Read More...

Holiday Home Tours

December 22, 2012 // 1:31 am

These holiday home tours have been so fun. If you have missed any, take a peek inside the festive homes of Mary Mason Wood, Paula Holm, Sonja Orlick and Kirki Fuller. We have two more coming up tomorrow and Monday, so stay tuned. Holiday Home Tours

Holiday Home Tour – Kirki Fuller

December 20, 2012 // 5:53 pm

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Kirki and Steve Fuller’s holiday home tour. From festive felted pillows and garland to the most adorable arctic penguin display, entering Kirki’s home makes you feel welcome and happy. In the open foyer, I am immediately drawn... Read More...

Holiday Home Tour – Sonya Orlick

December 18, 2012 // 3:44 pm

Today’s Holiday Home Tour is a special treat. As I mentioned earlier, I was able to take a peek into Sonya and Greg Orlick’s home just hours before their memorable holiday party. Most of you have probably finished your holiday decorating, so grab a cup... Read More...

Holiday Home Tour – Paula Holm

December 12, 2012 // 2:59 pm

Today you are in for a real treat. I present to you a holiday home tour at the home of Paula and George Holm. As you drive up the long and winding driveway, you cannot help but gaze at the majestic pond with stepping stones... Read More...

Holiday Home Tours – Mary Mason Wood

December 10, 2012 // 2:18 pm

I am excited to bring you the first of the Holiday Home Tours series. Meet Mary Mason Wood and take a peek into her sparkling happy home that she has created with her husband Vince and two daughters, Lizzie and Peyton, now away at college.... Read More...

Holiday Home Tours

December 7, 2012 // 7:13 pm

Happy Friday everyone. Here is a sneak peek in the first of five Holiday Home tours this month on Bright Bold and Beautiful. I love visiting inside other people’s homes, especially during the holidays. There is a festive spirit and magic in the air this... Read More...