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Easy Dinners To Make : Top 5 Pinterest Picks

March 30, 2014 // 9:20 pm

Popular on Pinterest are recipes. That’s a good thing since I am always looking for easy dinners to make at the last minute, that don’t involve a drive thru window. The top 5 Pinterest picks this week are: Easy Dinners To Make – Top 5... Read More...

How to Keep Berries Fresh

February 5, 2014 // 1:47 pm

Well, it’s February now. How are your resolutions holding up? I am still sticking to my “eat healthier” plan for 2014. Not only for me, but for my family. I am buying more fruits and vegetables, and so far so good. One thing we all... Read More...

Apple, Honey & Fig Goat Cheese + Arugula Salad

July 19, 2013 // 9:01 am

Please welcome Tiffany and Sarah of Offbeat + Inspired. As new members of the team on Bright Bold and Beautiful, they will be serving up delicious recipes for you each month! Today, Tiffany is sharing her favorite Summer salad, yum! Apple, Honey & Fig Goat... Read More...

Interview with Jessica Alba | Honest Company

January 28, 2013 // 7:36 am

My interview with Jessica Alba, actress and co-founder of The Honest Company, at Alt Summit 2013 was more than a thrill. She is the real deal, and I am happy to share what I learned about her natural and eco-friendly products. I asked Jessica why... Read More...

The Soothing Company Giveaway

January 4, 2013 // 1:56 pm

The Soothing Company giveaway couldn’t come at a better time. With all of the New Year’s resolutions to live a healthier life, and the benefits of bringing nature inside, I am thrilled to partner with The Soothing Company to offer this dwarf jade indoor bonsai... Read More...

Live Beautifully

January 3, 2013 // 4:13 pm

An exciting brand {to be announced soon} I am partnering with asked me for a Laura Trevey quote yesterday. That was easy. I replied with the mission of Bright Bold and Beautiful, “Live Beautifully”. Now, what does this mean, you ask? Well, it can mean... Read More...

Bring Nature Inside

January 3, 2013 // 1:24 pm

A new year, new you. Bring nature inside. Iain and Dorothy have designed a stunning home with a cottage style feel in Holywood, Belfast. The rooms are spacious with lots of natural light. They also have house plants in almost every room, which produce oxygen... Read More...

Travel Essentials

November 20, 2012 // 7:26 pm

Travel Essentials, What’s in your bag? Are you travelling for Thanksgiving? I am just now finishing the laundry and starting to pack. We leave tomorrow afternoon to visit the family. It started me thinking, what are your “must haves” for travelling?   Travel Essentials