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Art Walls + Weekend Roundup

February 22, 2014 // 5:22 pm

I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to the coolest art walls (or gallery walls). I’m quite obsessed with them. The shape of the collage as a whole is a piece of art, in my book. Enjoy some of my favorites, while you check out... Read More...

Charity Water Fundraiser

August 22, 2013 // 8:49 pm

You may remember my post in July announcing my Charity Water Fundraiser.  I am so excited to be involved with Camp Mighty raising money for Charity Water: a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. On my Go Mighty Life List, I... Read More...

5 Inspirational Tips from Charlotte Moss

November 5, 2012 // 2:04 pm

For today’s Monday Inspiration, Charlotte Moss shares her tips for living with style and self-confidence. Read the full article in the Lonny October 2012 issue at 5 Inspirational Tips from Charlotte Moss

Monday Inspiration

October 1, 2012 // 12:16 pm

Happy Monday! Today’s Monday Inspiration is this beautiful art wall via “Art is a big part of my life,” declares Parisian rug designer Sabine de Gunzburg. Plates from a book of Picasso works and a drawing by Eric Fischl hang above a pair of custom ­made... Read More...

Art Wall

September 18, 2012 // 12:31 pm

Another cool art wall to add to my collection is part of Julie’s Home Tour on Apartment Therapy. I love her playful mix of prints in different colored frames and all different sizes. Check out the full post here. Visit my curated group of art walls on... Read More...

Art Walls

August 28, 2012 // 1:03 pm

I love featuring art walls or gallery walls, and thought I would show you my updates. I just re-arranged the art on my wall in my office. Bright and Bold, right? Bright pinks and orange colors mixed with the sea inspired blues and greens on the... Read More...

Scrapbook Paper Art Wall

July 15, 2012 // 1:07 am

Remember this home tour with the framed scrapbook paper idea? I just found this scrapbook paper art wall using the same concept. Pretty cool. Add color and texture to your room decor with an easy project. Search art walls and easy DIY projects for more... Read More...

Art Walls | Bright Bold and Beautiful

June 28, 2012 // 12:25 pm

I have a thing for art walls. As I have said before, “I am inspired by the shape of the art collage as a whole, as much as the individual paintings themselves. Arranging art on your wall is an ART form.” Whether you frame all... Read More...