Hello there! I’m Natascha from Mocca & Me. I am so excited that Laura asked me to do a guest post for her blog Bright, Bold and Beautiful. It’s exciting because this gives me the opportunity to meet new people and to share a bit of my self with you. So, what is Bright, Bold and Beautiful to me? Read on and find out.
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To me bright is synonymous for LIGHT, lots and lots of light. I love homes with big or high windows where sun light can just pour in. And I love spaces with many lamps. They are great to brighten up a room at night and to create the right atmosphere. I live in the Netherlands and a great part of the year the weather is grey and drowsy. So, light is scarce and we are always looking for ways to get more light into our homes.
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Bold means making a statement, having a HOME THAT HAS PERSONALITY. I love it when you walk into a home and you immediately get a sense of the characters that live there. The home has to have its own personal style whether is full of colour or just a plain white interior. Fill it with all the things you love, items that are important to you – family photo’s, great souvenirs from your travels, design items you’ve saves up to buy, a great antique dresser from your grandmother, a piece of art you bought from a local artist or just great second hand furniture you bought at a flea market. Combine it all. Dare to show yourself and your personal style.
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Beautiful can mean many things. What is beautiful to me is EVERYTHING THAT PUTS A SMILE ON YOUR FACE, everything that moves you, speaks to your emotions and everything that makes you happy. Sounds corny, huh? But to me it is so true. When someone laughs, that is beautiful. When you watch a movie and you’re moved to tears, that is a beautiful movie. When your parents say they love you and your heart fills with joy that is a beautiful moment. And the same goes for homes. And although aesthetics are important, a beautiful home is a home that is harmonious and where you’re made to feel welcome. It goes beyond colour and décor.
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